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Meet Nathaniel, a devoted author and illustrator of Christian picture books inspiring young readers with messages of faith, hope, and love through vibrant illustrations and relatable characters.

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Hairy and the Hook

Step into a whimsical world with Hairy, a lovable and slightly scatterbrained little boy. His mission: gather apples for Mama’s pie. Along the way, he encounters enchanted stones and seeks guidance from a fox, a bear, and an otter, who promise him magnificent treasures. Driven by curiosity and his passion for rocks, Hairy’s journey takes an unexpected turn as he pursues the most precious stone of all. Yet, a chance encounter with a wise gardener offers a profound lesson on the weight of burdens and the true essence of happiness. ‘Hairy’s Adventure’ is a heartwarming tale of friendship, trust, and the pursuit of genuine joy, where the heaviest burdens can be released, paving the way for a lighter journey home.


I Am: Statements for the Soul

“I Am: Statements for the Soul” offers twenty-three empowering “I am” statements, enriched with vivid illustrations and heartfelt poems. Rooted in scripture, these affirmations bolster self-esteem and identity for readers of all ages. Designed for bedtime storytelling, this book nurtures children’s self-image, fostering confidence and character. Parents investing in this journey will witness their children’s personal growth and self-assuredness unfold into a beautiful narrative of empowerment and inner strength.


Need an Illustrator?

In search of a children’s book illustrator? Look no further! Nathaniel specializes in crafting enchanting visuals that captivate young readers. With a flair for whimsy and a talent for storytelling through art, Nathaniel can transform your ideas into a world of vibrant characters and imaginative landscapes. Bring your children’s book to life with illustrations that spark curiosity and ignite young imaginations.


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Dreaming in colors, weaving tales in strokes, Nathaniel breathes life into your imagination. Journey with me, where creativity knows no bounds and every stroke paints a new adventure.

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